Win a free book!

Charlie has been described as “a fixture” at the Ouray Ice Park because of all the ice climbing he does there each winter. So, let’s have ourselves a little contest.

See if you can guess the number of days he’ll go ice climbing (at Ouray Ice Park or anywhere) this climbing season. He’s climbed twice so far this season (delayed start for him because we were in Hawaii for part of December). We’ll keep track of his numbers, and announce a winner on April 1, 2012 (no, this is not a joke).

If more than one person guesses the correct number, we’ll choose a winner by random drawing among the correct answers.

If no one guesses the correct number, we’ll choose the person whose guess is closest to the correct number.

The winner gets their choice of a free copy of
Two Shadows – the inspirational story of one man’s triumph over adversity
Because It’s There – a photographic journey.

To enter, comment below with your guess. You must also share this using one of the social networks shown (e.g. +1 for Google, share on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, etc.)

Only one guess per person, please. All entries must be received by midnight (MST) December 31, 2011.

Good luck!

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