Why Parents Still Want to Read Real Books, Not E-Books, to their Kids

We don’t write children’s books, and have no children at home at this stage of our lives, but found this article from the New York Times of interest since childhood literacy and bonding between parent and child are issues that are very important to us.

What do you think will be the future of children’s books? Can (or should) eReaders ever take the place of physical books when it comes to reading to children at bedtime?

We’ve been distressed to see young children engrossed in looking at smart phones or electronic hand-held games as they walk to school, eat at a restaurant, or even stroll through a zoo! They are more interested in watching what’s on the screen than participating in the world around them. Of course, we see adults with that same behavior. Are our “virtual” worlds taking over our real-life experiences?

And, is there some irony in the fact that I’m sitting here at my computer typing these words rather than getting outside on this sunny winter day to enjoy some fresh air? Hmmm. Over and out!

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