Tired of sleeping on the ground, eh?

After many decades of tent camping, we just made the plunge and bought a little popup camper trailer. When we tell our friends (not the ones we usually tent camp with — all the other friends), the first comment we hear is always, “So, you got tired of sleeping on the ground.”

Aliner Alabama Hills 2016Nope. That’s not it. We enjoy sleeping in a tent. We’ve found comfortable sleeping pads and have bags that keep us cozy. We often sleep better in a tent than at home. That’s probably because we’ve been active all day hiking or climbing before we end the day by crawling into the tent, but still.

It’s the other stuff. We just enjoyed a trip that included a week at Alabama Hills, near Lone Pine, California. You know — the place where so many Westerns were filmed. When we returned to camp (and our little Aliner camper), it was either quite windy or, if calm, the mosquitoes were attacking.

Our friends were either bundled up in long sleeves and hoods, trying to fend off the bugs in the heat, or bundled up, trying to find a way to keep their camp stoves burning while they tried to cook.

Charlie & I were snug in our camper, screened windows open, cooking and dining in comfort.

Bad weather moved into the area. We shifted north a bit and parked in Bishop, where it rained off and on for about 18 hours. No worries about folding up and transporting a soggy tent or trying to dry out our gear.

Will we still tent camp at times? Sure. Are we thrilled at the luxury of a hard-shell shelter from the elements to camp in. You’d better believe it!

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