The numbers are in…

Last month we pledged support to Big City Mountaineers, promising to donate 50¢ per ebook sold and $5.00 per paperback sold during the month. With the help of a big sale on several of our ebooks, we’ve tallied 147 ebook sales and 6 paperback sales from June, for a total pledge of $103.50.

We bumped that amount up a bit and donated $125.00. Here’s what they say about what a donation to their organization can accomplish for a teenager in their program:

Your support will go directly to a life-changing experience for a BCM teen. 

A $10 gift covers the cost of a S’mores night under the stars for one team!

A $25 gift buys a map and a compass to help teens find their way to a new perspective!

A $35 gift equals a trip’s worth of gas to get a van full of BCM teens to the expedition site!

A $50 gift provides fishing permits for an entire expedition group so they can catch a fish for the first time!

A $75 gift provides a bear canister so we can leave no trace on our expeditions and keep wild animals wild!

If you’d like to help this fine organization, you can donate here.

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