Psychologist recommends new autobiography for “every kid who is incarcerated”

Clinical psychologist
working with young offenders praises the new book, Two Shadows –
The inspirational story of one man’s triumph over adversity,
Charlie Winger.

Jean Trousdale, PhD, a consulting psychologist for CommunityWorks, an
outpatient Behavioral and Mental Health Clinic in Norman, Oklahoma,
lauds a new autobiography by guidebook author Charlie Winger,
stating, “I wish every kid who is incarcerated could read the

Trousdale describes herself as a mountaineer who was familiar with
Winger’s other books related to mountaineering and climbing. She
was surprised when she read Winger’s newest release, an
autobiography titled
Shadows – The inspirational story of one man’s triumph over
because she hadn’t been aware of his troubled past. He reacted to a
childhood of neglect, abandonment, and abuse with anti-social
behavior and criminal acts which landed him in detention centers and
eventually, in 1955, in prison at the age of 18. Winger earned his
high school diploma and began taking college courses while
incarcerated, and discovered an aptitude and interest in information
technology. Once released in 1961, he began a successful computer
programming and consulting career, developed a passion for mountain
climbing, and has lived a productive and adventurous life.

Trousdale was inspired to obtain permission to send a copy of

to a young man she counseled while he was at a juvenile detention
center, and who is now incarcerated in an adult facility. Like
Winger, this young man has continued his education even while in
prison, and she hopes that “in passing ‘Two Shadows’ along I
might be able to inspire a young man I came to know quite well.”

is exciting to read a true story like this, to know it is possible to
climb from depths to heights,” Trousdale concluded.


is available as a Kindle e-book from, and in paperback
from and other major booksellers.

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