New Rock Route at Black Canyon

Charlie jumped on what we believe to be a new rock route with enthusiasm. He plunged his left hand into a perfect crack, then found a solid hand hold for his right as he prepared to move.

What to call this remarkable, moderate route? We tossed around some ideas, but welcome input from others (please comment below). Here are a few we came up with:

The Prone Joker
Supine Septuagenarian (there’s a little problem with this one, so we moved on to…)
Prostrate Pretender
Napping on the Black

Surely you’ve gotten the picture by now, right? This is Charlie. He’s a little different. The word “serious” is not in his vocabulary.

For those who still don’t get it, or who want to see the un-cropped, un-rotated version, here you go:

We sometimes end our posts with “Climb on!” This time, it might be more appropriate to close with 
“Crawl on!”

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