LibraryThing – a great way to find new books to read

We recently discovered LibraryThing, which sort of combines a social network with amazon book recommendations, ratings, and reviews, but without selling anything. Set up a free account, and begin adding books you like into your virtual library. While you’re at it, you can write reviews, give ratings to your selected books, and enter tags.

Once you’ve entered some of your favorite books, take a look at your personalized home page. There will be automatically-generated recommendations as well as recommendations from other users based on the books you’ve put in your “library.”  Click on a book title to read what others have to say about it, or to learn why it was recommended.

You can connect to others with similar reading tastes with Friend lists, get involved in discussions about books on the Forums, and more.

So, if you enjoy reading as much as we do, this is certainly worth checking out!

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