Highpoint Adventures coming to Kindle

Have you ever wished you could load the information about a single state Highpoint on your Kindle or other portable device rather than carry along the entire guidebook? Yeah, we thought you did.

We’ve begun the process of creating individual state highpoint mini-eBooks for Kindle. New York’s Mt. Marcy is available currently, and we’ll start adding additional states soon, depending on the feedback we receive.

So, take a look and let us know your thoughts on Highpoint Adventures for eBooks. We don’t plan on converting every state, but will work on the ones with the most requests.

And, for those who still like a printed guidebook, note that we now have a Special Reprint of our popular Highpoint Adventures – the COMPLETE guide to the 50 state highpoints
(also available from Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/1463692013).

Happy Highpointing!

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