Fundraising for Big City Mountaineers

From now through April 1, 2011 (no foolin’) April 10 (we’ve extended this!), The Winger Bookstore will donate $5 per paperback and 50¢ per Kindle book sold of Two Shadows to Big City Mountaineers.

Big City Mountaineers mentors under-resourced urban teens through transformative outdoor experiences to enrich lives, broaden horizons and instill critical life skills.

Two Shadows tells the true story of author Charlie Winger:

From the darkness of a six foot by eight foot cell in solitary confinement to the top of the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere, this is the captivating story of one man’s struggle to recover from a troubled past.

If only Charlie had been given the opportunity to participate in a program like this one as a teen! What a difference it can make in a young person’s life to have caring mentors and a life-changing experience that encourages self-reliance as well as cooperation, responsibility, and a sense of community.

Books purchased through The Winger Bookstore, as well as paperbacks & eBooks purchased through will qualify for this donation.

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