Duplicity – psychological thriller from Diane Winger

1. deceitfulness in speech or behavior
2. double-dealing, deception
archaic: doubleness

All Curt wants is a simple, quiet life, and he relishes the solitude of his job as caretaker of a backcountry ski hut. His peaceful world is shattered by the reappearance of his identical twin brother, fresh out of prison, desperate and more dangerous than ever. Conrad has a plan and that plan may destroy Curt’s future. Not only is Curt’s life at stake, but also the lives of a group of women enjoying a skiing getaway.

Jessie and friends from her Colorado Adventure Women group anticipate a fun-filled weekend of skiing and relaxing in a remote mountain hut. They would never guess that a life-and-death situation is simmering just a few hundred yards away in the caretaker’s cabin.

Helpless to act, Curt must try to convince his brother to find a different path. But the mistakes of a lifetime cannot be undone in a weekend.

Duplicity is now available as an ebook (Kindle & other e-readers) from Amazon. The paperback version is also available from Amazon or you can get an AUTOGRAPHED copy directly from The Winger Bookstore. It is the 2nd book in the FACES series, featuring characters Jessica (Jessie) and Marilyn who were introduced to readers in Diane’s debut novel, Faces.

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