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I’ve just added to my Bucket List
…I may never actually manage to visit all 6 western US states, sites in Canada, Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, Switzerland, France, Russia, Kenya, Tanzania, Tajikistan, India, and Nepal that are beautifully depicted in this collection, but I can certainly dream, can’t I! Many thanks to Charlie & Diane Winger for putting together a book that inspires travel and also takes the reader to places we’ll likely never reach otherwise.  (read more)

Breathtaking Photographic Journey
…some of the most breathtaking photographs this reader has ever seen. (read more)

From The Watch:
If you’d like to know what it’s like to be a world traveler, but you never seem to make off the couch, go get a copy of a new book, Because It’s There – A Photographic Journey, by Diane and Charlie Winger. It will not only look good on the coffee table, it portrays the wonders the two have seen over years of hiking, mountaineering, and writing guidebooks to five continents.

Charlie Winger has climbed the mountains of the world for close to 40 years, but Diane, who also loves outdoor adventures, says she is more focused on “hiking in beautiful places.”

Because It’s There includes some of both, with more than 90 photographs, mostly taken by Charlie, showing the astounding beauty of landscapes that range from the “forbidding face of Chopicalqui,” a 20,846-foot peak in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru, to the lush green Kathmandu Valley, to the snow-covered rim of our own Black Canyon. (read more)

 Suggested retail price: $22
Sale Price: $15.00 – Autographed


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