Because It’s There

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A Photographic Journey

by Charlie & Diane Winger

Because It's There - a photographic journeyAuthors/Photographers Charlie and Diane Winger believe there is no better reason to move beyond a familiar horizon, explore what lies around the next bend, and discover a world outside our previous experience than “Because it’s there.”

Like George Mallory, who uttered that famous response when asked why he strove to be the first to climb Mount Everest, the Wingers are also inspired by mountains.

The Wingers draw on their extensive collection of photographs taken while writing guidebooks, climbing and trekking among some of the most beautiful peaks in the world, and enjoying time in special outdoor areas which they have come to love. Along the way, they tell a few stories and share a few laughs.

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Table of Contents

Sample Pages
Colorado River from Fisher Towers
16,000′ Camp on Denali
Devil’s Tower, Wyoming
Aconcagua – Polish Glacier route
Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

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