Adventure authors to donate to benefit at-risk teens based on Paperback and Kindle book sales

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Charlie & Diane Winger, authors of Two Shadows – the inspirational story of one man’s triumph over adversity and
Because It’s There announce that they will donate $5 per paperback and 50¢ $1 per Kindle book sale to Big City Mountaineers.

(8/2/12: We’ve had such a great response so far, we’re sweetening the pot & raising our donation from $0.50 to $1.00 per Kindle book sold.)
(8/9/12: …AND, if you purchase a paperback directly from
The Winger Bookstore (autographed, of course), we’re raising our donation from $5 per copy to $7.50 per copy sold.)

(Final update 8/16/2012:
Thanks to everyone who responded! We sold a total of 52 books during this period, and raised $122 to donate to Big City Mountaineers.)

Mountaineers and guidebook authors Charlie and Diane Winger have announced that they will support Big City Mountaineers (BCM), a non-profit organization which delivers programs that enhance the lives of under-resourced urban teens through transformative outdoor experiences. The donation will be based on sales of Charlie Winger’s autobiography, Two Shadows – the inspirational story of one man’s triumph over adversity and of their photographic essay on climbing adventures, Because It’s There – a photographic journey.

In his memoir, Charlie Winger describes growing up in an atmosphere of neglect and abuse. He made numerous bad choices in life which resulted in his being sentenced to prison at age eighteen. While incarcerated, Winger turned his life around. He obtained his high school diploma, began taking college courses, and learned computer programming, which led to a successful career in information technology after his release.

When he moved to Colorado in the early 1970s, Winger began hiking and climbing in the Rocky Mountains. He discovered a passion for the mountains, and went on to climb peaks all around the world, as well as literally hundreds of summits within the United States. Winger feels inspired by the programs of BCM, a volunteer-driven nonprofit that delivers life-changing outdoor experiences to hundreds of at-risk teens every year. Their unique curriculum improves young people’s self-esteem, motivation, decision-making, and communication skills through wilderness expeditions. Winger believes that, if only a program like BCM had been around for him as a teen, perhaps many difficult and painful experiences in his early years might have been avoided.

From now through August 15, 2012, the Wingers will donate $5.00 per paperback copy sold and $0.50 per Kindle copy sold of these two titles. Both Two Shadows and Because It’s There are available in paperback from,, and other online bookstores. Kindle versions of the books are available from Amazon.

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