The Daughters’ Baggage

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by Diane Winger

The Daughters' Baggage Every piece of baggage carries the tales of the lives it has touched.

Aaliyah Johnson just wants to live a normal life – finish school, have a career, a family, a future. But when her father takes his own life after his return from the war in Afghanistan, she and her mother are plunged into poverty and a homeless struggle to survive.

The unusual circumstances of her mother’s acquisition of a small, green suitcase seem to mark a turnaround in their luck as they begin to rebuild their lives. Then, in a heartbeat, a devastating blow rocks her world, and young Aaliyah’s baggage may be more than she can bear.



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REVIEW excerpt (from : “It is put together beautifully and very well written and enthralling. The book moves at a steady pace that is neither too fast nor too slow. The poignant descriptions of relationship and bonding in the book moved me to tears. This book is a wonderful read and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys fiction and is interested in issues of social justice in modern American society and the impact of trauma for individuals and families!” <read more>

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