Memories & Secrets

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by Diane Winger

MemoriesSecrets163x250Revealing a secret may be liberating, yet some secrets can never be disclosed.

Ashley is no longer the cheerful, confident tomboy her grandmother, Deborah, remembers. The death of a student at her high school has cut her to the core for reasons she has kept hidden. Deborah has secrets of her own. A year after her husband died, she is still torn over her role in his death.

These two family members, brought together for a summer, learn that even the most painful memories and secrets may be transformed by love.


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REVIEW excerpt (from Flurries Unlimited blog):
“…well-written, engaging and hard to put down. The drama is palpable and the emotion visceral….Memories and Secrets is a strong novel about loss, remorse and love. It shows a magical journey of discovery taken by two women long-separated by distance, time, secrets and a fifty year age gap. It is well worth reading.” <read more>

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New: This book has been translated to Spanish. Memorias y Secretos  (en Español)

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